Tuesday, September 24, 2013

About me

Hello everybody :-) My name is Christina Sayavong. I am currently a sophomore at Rhode Island College studying education. I want to major in Physical and Health Education, and minor in Coaching. I am really excited about this year because I am going to start indoor and outdoor track and field. Seems like the semester just started but I feel like mid-term has just past. I am currently taking five courses and it is a heavy load. I am taking four courses for my major and one general enducation class. One of the classes I am taking for my major is FNED 346. I am taking this course because it is require for me to take it for my major. I also do not mind taking it because I know I would like to do the Service Learning Project. I love working with students and helping them. I wish it was summer time so I can have sometime to relax! What am I thinking about relax, this pass summer was no where near me being relax! I worked a lot and I had some restless nights too. I work three jobs which were at Gillette Stadium, Pizza Hut and The Autism Project. I like all my jobs but what job I really like during the summer is summer camp with autistic children. I love that The Autism Project gives autistic children the opportunity to do things that they can't do on the daily.